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Add Xpath Assertion Actions

It would be nice to have actions that allow you to perform assertions on Xpath results without first setting a variable.

I know you can run "Use XPath and Set Variable", then do an assertion on that variable. However, "Assert XPath Results Contains" and "Assert XPath Results Not Contains" would be very useful, by which you could specify an Xpath expression and do an assertion all in one step.

Use case: I make a SOAP... more »


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Assert LDAP Filter is true/not true

We have a case, where we have Sendmail objects that have an attribute, serialNumber, we can query on via LDAP. This would return a list of 1-N objects back.

I do not think we can do multivalued local variables, nor loop over them, but we need to

1) Ensure they are all deleted.
2) Ensure that at least 1 or more are created.

This seems like a new assertion of LDAP Filter returns, with sub options of:
0-n values... more »


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