Improved PRD Integration

IDM Validator 1.2

UserApplication Connector

User Interface, etc.


After setting up a UserApp connection and getting PRDs tested for the first time a few things would really help make this much simpler.


First, allow browsing to the PRD. Designer doesn't provide the DN anywhere convenient, and even finding the CN can be a challenge. Since browsing the vault is already an option (for a different type of connection, of course) it would be nice if Validator would help with that. For example, prompt for which connection to use (or have a link between the UserApp connection and the vault connection in the connections area to really be slick) and then browse that vault. Bonus points for automatically finding the AppConfig object (objectclass=srvprvAppConfig) to make it as simple as possible.


When selecting the PRD, automatically fill in the 'Provision FDN' of course, and also go ahead and find the the first form or whatever needs input and pre-populate the list of Attributes with those from the form. This is kind of painful to do currently because it's not obvious which field names to use, and the case-sensitive nature of the values makes problems easy to encounter.


Allow choosing the Recipient FDN as well, by browsing is possible. Bonus points for ensuring this user can actually use the selected PRD, or at least for providing clear error messages when that fails.


Finally, if applicable also pull in request approval actions with necessary fields filled in. Be sure to pull in the Activity ID, since if the name of the activity has been changed this is another point of pain, though one that was pretty clear to work around.


If the variable (processid,for example) is auto-populated from this little wizard the testing of a workflow should be as straight-forward as filling in fields on the various attributes in the request form.



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