Add Variable Indirection

Variable indirection allow another level of abstraction in using variables to modularize tests. A simple example is to have a group of similarly name variables and the use of another variable to control the actual test values used. Example: $StudentCN1="jstudent" $StudentCX1="ou=students,o=school" $StaffCN1="rstaff" $StaffCX1="ou=staff,o=school" You could define the test user, for one test pass by setting $Utype equal to "Student" and a second test pass by changing that variable to "Staff" if the variable $UserDN was used to define the full user DN with: $UserDN = "CN=${${Utype}CN1},${$Utype}CX1}" A second test run could use the same tests by simply changing the $Utype value. More complexity can be added with the ending digit represented in another variable used as an index into a set of values. "CN=${${Utype}CN${Idx}},${$Utype}CX${Idx}}"



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